No more typos, bad results or zero-result searches!

Keep your customers engaged and drive more business by creating a search experience that is quick, intuitive, and easy to use
Mispellings and typos

Even typos should get relevant results

Decipher misspelled searches and offer your users relevant results from your product catalog by reviewing and correcting the typos they made.
Regular speech analysis

Search with regular phrases and product characteristics

Understand what customers refer to in their search queries and display the most relevant results to help them find what they’re looking for.

Predict the search your users will want to make next

Help people complete their intended search by understanding their area of interest and delivering autocomplete predictions on the topic.

Quick integration

The entire experience is straight forward. All you have to do is to connect it to your platform.

Secure and scalable

Your data is safe and always at your disposal, through our enterprise-level platform.

No code platform

Use professional AI integrations in a completely visual environment, without any coding knowledge.

Install it in 4 easy steps

Get a free account and start exploring the platform. You can also contact us to design a custom demo for your business.

Import data from your system

Upload information from your environment about the items you want smart search to index. You can use a dedicated connector or an API for easy access and updates.

Refine data and set up actions

Set up automated updates, content types, or combine smart search with other AI-powered tools to create a tailored experience for your users.

Import one or multiple dictionaries

Give your AI some language rules to follow by importing  dictionaries and setting up some moderation rules. If you want, you can even create custom events that fire when specific phrases are used.

Release it to the world

You can test and refine your AI configuration as much as you like before taking it live. Once it's ready, choose from one of our hosting options and deploy it. Done!

Custom configuration

Customise your smart search integration

Our strength lies in simplifying complex machine learning solutions and making them available for everyone to use.
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ettico works great with these platforms and services

Google Analytics
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