AI, made easy

ettico is a no-code platform that lets you create, import and integrate AI solutions that grow your business
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Quick integration

The entire experience is straight forward. All you have to do is to connect it to your platform.

Secure and scalable

Your data is safe and always at your disposal, through our enterprise-level platform.

No code platform

Use professional AI integrations in a completely visual environment, without any coding knowledge.

eCommerce, enhanced

Start using machine learning to understand, engage and convert more users
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Visual search

Product suggestions from images and videos

Automatically match the products from user-uploaded pictures and videos to similar ones from your product calatog
Learn more about visual search
A product card of a matching orange jacket from Moncler with a 94% accuracy progress barA picture of a man wearing an orange puffer jacket from Moncler, a light grey sweater from Zegna and a pair of black sweatpants from zegna. A product card of a matching gray sweater from Z-Zegna with a 62% accuracy progress bar
Smart search

Relevant results for whatever your users are searching for

Replace the “Product not found” screen with a relevant set of products without worrying about grammar, typos or phrases
Learn more about smart search
Smart suggestions

Hyper-personalize your product suggestions

Tailor product discovery to suit shoppers browsing your catalog, based on their behaviour, past purchases and special offers
Learn more about smart suggestions
An abstract icon for the Auto Labelling product vertical
Auto Labelling

Add labels that best describe your products

Automatically add the most suitable characteristics and descriptions for your products, and increase their visibility
Learn more about auto labelling
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ettico works great with these platforms and services

Google Analytics
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