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How can automatic labelling describe your products better?

Generate product characteristics and descriptions from images and videos for any of the items in your catalog in a fraction of the time and effort.

Generate accurate product characteristics

Save time and improve your product catalog with our reliable labelling algorithm which replaces manual entry with automated visual artificial intelligence.
A picture of a black leather jacket from Diesel, with a front zipper, rivets and front pockets.

Generate comprehensive product descriptions

Add semantically correct descriptions from images and videos for each item in your product catalog. Our descriptions generator uses state-of-the-art language processing models and dictionaries to describe items in a natural way.
A picture with an auto-generated product title with some predefined words, saying "Dolce&Gabbana Palermo Technico Black Backpack"A picture of an auto-generated product description for the Palermo Technico Backpack from Dolce&Gabbana.
A picture of the Palermo Technico Black Technico Backpack from Dolce&Gabbana
Custom text

Generate custom text labels

Sometimes general characteristics and descriptions just won't cut it. Our system can easily be trained to recognise specific details that are valuable for your business workflow and assign corresponding labels to them.
A picture of the auto-generated custom labels detailing the inventory number, SKU and product title from an image of a laptop sleeve.A picture of 5 characteristics auto-generated by the system from a picture of a brown leather laptop sleeve.
A picture of a brown leather Macbook Pro sleeve from Decoded

Quick integration

The entire experience is straight forward. All you have to do is to connect it to your platform.

Secure and scalable

Your data is safe and always at your disposal, through our enterprise-level platform.

No code platform

Use professional AI integrations in a completely visual environment, without any coding knowledge.

Install it in 4 easy steps

Configuring your own AI integration has never been easier. No coding knowledge or infrastructure needed.

Import product data from your system

Upload information from your environment about the items you want to run auto-labelling on. You can use a dedicated connector or an API for easy access and updates.

Refine data and set up actions

Set up automated updates, or combine auto-labelling with other AI-powered tools to create a highly-personalised experience for your users.

Label items from your catalog

Choose the items you want to label or describe from the product data you've just imported. You can configure the labels or description types that best suit your use-case and teach the system to use that specific configuration.

Release it to the world

You can test and refine your AI configuration as much as you like before taking it live. Once it's ready, choose from one of our hosting options and deploy it. Done!

Custom configuration

Customise your auto-labelling integration

Our strength lies in simplifying complex machine learning solutions and making them available for everyone to use.
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A picture of a search field with the words 'wireless headphones' written inside of it.A picture of a pair of Apple Airpods Pro displayed on a product card with the Apple logo on the top left.A picture of four logos such as Shopify, Mailchimp, Facebook and Google Analytics, all on a white card.

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